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This game is deceiving!

You think you’re fighting against other human fighters but you’re NOT!! Anybody ever notice when you duel, you can pause the game and no matter how long it is paused you can always finish it. No opponent ever pauses and no one ever quits. Stupid!! Very deceiving!! I would like to fight against real fighters. Game cheats too!!!!

Time wasteful

Intro 5 hours, games 1 min each... and its ridiculous move set programming. 1 star

Found bug!

After shock my weapon drops, but with skill, that has 45% to NOT to lose it after shock my weapon still in hands, but invisible. Fix that. 😃

Good game but...

First of all, I want to say that this is my first review ever. That alone tells you how much i love this game. Combat is really good, graphic is great and story is interesting. Upgrading things and fighting other people in duel mode is extremly fun. BUT there are 2 things that makes this game worth 3 stars rather than 5+. 1. In duel mode im being placed against opponents that are way stronger than me, so even begore we start a fight, I know i will lose since he can kill me in 3-5 hits. It hardly seems fair that I with 1060 battle points be placed against someone with 1200 battle points. You need to balance that. 2. And this is the one that bothers me the most. In the game you have main mission and side mission. Later in stage 1 of main mission you need like 2-3 days to get your equipment upgraded enough to even play. In that period I thought “well okay, they dont want to make it easy”. So i passed stage 1. Now at stage 2 I’ve been stuck for over a week in main mission. I cant play it since it is “insane” and I cat gear up enough. So now all I can play is duel and side mission. Side mission is getting too hard now even tho it is ranked as “easy”. And due to problem number 1 the duel isn’t such a good solution to my problem. So now I am litteraly stuck on the same spot for two weeks and I am pritty close to deleting this game just because i cant progress further, even tho i love everything else about the game. For those of you who read this whole review of mine, thank you! And I recommend you download this game anyway since it will keep you bussy for some time for sure. And I believe they will release update with fixes that i just wrote.

Five but four stars from me

This game is good I would give it a five star rating but this game is cheating you when you play the story mode on insane or higher on the campaign. I love playing fighting games where theirs a challenge like insane mode and for example when you fight against gizmo the game totally cheats you, his damage increases out of nowhere to the point where you lose a massive amount of health. If you beat him two times his dps increases dramatically he’ll start using his grab move which is unblockable multiple times, I have no problem with his spam moves even though they get annoying at times it’s just that dps changes in front of your eyes to the point of where your like “ f this game I’m out or I quit”. I like playing shadow fight I’ve played the first and second one and loved it please don’t make me hate this one. P.s. This game came a long way.


i update the game and there's no new event!!! heeeelpppp me pllsss whyyyy

It’s alright :/

When you find the patterns in the Ai’s fighting style along with “players” you can then counter their bs attacks and hits. Sure the katana guy is hard but even if it’s on impossible difficulty for you. It’s absolutely plausible to beat him it’s not easy but plausible. Those shadow abilities u just need to not get too close and then probably try attacking. Duels are a great way to get in tune with the game and if u grind enough duels u can get legendary and epic crates. Also all the pvp battles r bots :/

Pay to win

Game is really fun, action is definitely addicting, but the game is entirely pay-to-win, unless you’re willing to buy in game booster pack, I don’t recommend you play this game.


Impossible when you beat here once 👎🏾

Fight game

The best fight game I can now play it when ever I want

Tl;dr - racist names, bad mechanics, and micro transactions

I had to edit my review because of what I discovered after playing longer. To begin, there is no profanity filter for names; so far I’ve played against two people whose name used an f-bomb and someone whose name was just the n word. The mechanics are sketchy to say the least. Going into a fight, just assume your opponent is faster and will get preference for hits. I’ve played games where I can see my character connect with a hit box but I still take all the damage. The game is definitely pay to win. Some weapons are better than others, and you can buy them for $5.99 at the store. The main story can’t be completed efficiently without using this system. Finally, the online duels are still played against computers, and if you want proof, you can pause “online” fights. If you want a good fighting game, I remember Shadow Fight 2 being fun, but honestly just try out the new Tekken game that just released.


June is to hard to beat

Shadow fight 3

This game make Editors choice soo pls rate this game....&This game is also 3D I love this game....

It could have been perfect

This game is far one of the best games I have ever played however there is one thing that would really improve this game and that if you guys can let us add the other players and play with our friends online


The game is stuck in the loading screen of the game

Absolute Trash

This is the dumbest game that I have ever played. Every level is either impossible or insane and is designed that way in order to make you believe that by spending money you will have an easier time defeating the enemies. What is worse is that when you do buy items you find that in the very next battle the upgrades that you just paid for are now useless. The controls are very difficult if you are using a phone or tablet and you find your avatar doing things that you don’t intend for him to and considering every fight you are overmatched one accidental mistake and you will be knocked out. The game has a tendency of crashing and also has many glitches which wastes time and may cause you not to have a chance to finish a fight at all. This is the best example of how game developers try to connive players and manipulate the game to induce spending. They make the matches so one sided that you have to win three fights but the opponents only need to win one. They even want you to watch commercials unless you pay not to. I will never play anything made by this company again.

This game is amazing

Really good game would recommend but it can be confusing at some points in my opinion

Really fun...sometimes

I really enjoy this game, decent combat, an actual story, and cool design. However, there are some major issues. First off are the mechanics through which you receive gear. I am convinced that it is rigged against you, even more so than normal loot boxes. Up to near the end of chapter 2, i was getting lots of gear, and have even gotten 5 or 6 legendaries. However, I have hit a wall against Xiang Tzu, and loot boxes simply aren’t giving me weapons. I’ve been using the same common scimitars all of level 5, and I have not received any rare weapons. The only one I have received is for level 6, and I have received it about 8 times. For other gear, I keep getting the same 2 common helmets, and 3 common armor, although I already have legendary armor. I simply cannot do anything without paying, because Xiang Tzu’s combos are insane. The second issue is the way AI is set up. The issue is not that the AI is good, but that it is set up with unrealistic speed. Even when button mashing, it is simply impossible for a human to loop together combos as effectively as the AI. I can be hitting an AI, and in the middle of a 5 combo attack, they kick me at the speed of light, and get a 13 combo chain, constantly shocking me. Kicking is slow as hell for us, but the AI use it to break attacks. Simply unfair.

Not f2p friendly

Ok from the title you know what this is about it’s not f2p friendly I mean the packs are trashy that’s the 100 stones pack and if you buy 1 it’ll take you another lifetime to get enough for another pack it’s leveling up mechanics are just awful you barely get any power you don’t get exp from anything else except main mission and how do you get weapons you have to rank up and if you don’t have good weapons you can’t beat the fight to get exp so you can use weapons now I’m sure most of you get the loophole here but if you don’t good weapon=level up Level up=get good weapons you can’t even use the good weapon very lucky 1 percent of people get that weapon but can’t use them pls fix this


Terrible game

Really good game

It feels some like cool to play you will love it to 😄😄😄


It’s garbage. It’s nothing but a giant money machine. Pay to advance. You can’t advance unless you spend money and if you do this will help you win 1 or 2 fight then guess what? You stuck again. Garbage


Just another waste of my time, wish some battles were a lot easier instead of just being beaten down to the ground every single time, I recommend not getting this game.

Fighting scheme

I hit them but they just and how do they do heavy attacks but have a faster reaction time than me ?

Absolutely impossible

This game is just impossible and they just want your money. I am a customer that lost 8 legendary items. Which were impossible to come by. I like the game but it made me lose my 8 legendary items and it just wants me to buy them back. The AI is also way too overpowered. This game is trash and I would never recommend anyone to get it. And I am a person who like the game no matter what.


All about money and gear,just another greedy pay2win game.

Awesome but

The game is awesome I like the duel but I would like you to add playing against your friends from close of far please work on that

Horrible balance

So I bought something for 5 dollars, the dynasty pack. It said error but still took my money away! Also the heralds. They can’t be freaking best by the dynasty or legion. Everyone’s using it that it ain’t fun. Also you can’t even use the weapon you want because it’s random. I have so many low leve epics that I can’t get again. Also chapter four; even when I used my best armor, and upgrade it till the levels easy, 1 critical takes out half my health, while the enemy continues to do it again and kill me without a fight. Balance your game!


It always gives me unfair opponents that are never at where I’m at in the game in multiplayer.

Your all stupid idiots

Your all stupid idiots wasting your time making dumb stupid games to gets kids distracted from things that are important this game particularly.


I thought playing this new shadow fight 3 would solve up the for the shadow fight 2 I so longed played and finished, and when I just got the game there was just a complete lack in what shadow fight 2 was, your dead if you get trapped, the combat is way to slow, and you don’t even get like a cool story just some people fighting, and no point but to fight whatsoever, the combat is annoying and just hard to understand fully and I don’t even know how to actually start upgrading, Believe me this is an amazing game but it’s not as good or even come close Shadow fight 2


Hey it’s awesome

Pay To Win

This game is pay to win garbage, at some point an enemy is going to be so hard to beat that ultimately you have to pay money to upgrade your gear. The only way to upgrade is through the story mode, the difficulty gets harder and harder, and you will not win your fights. Your forced to upgrade through paying with gems or coins. This game is not fun. (DO NOT SPEND MONEY ON THIS GAME)

Fun game but can’t be completed without money

Okay the game is fun, and I have had my fair share of playing the shadow fights. This one in particular is different. I expected there to be shadows again, one of the main reasons I played. You had a good story line and everything, but when I played this all it did was throw offers for gems in my face saying, “BUY! BUY! BUY!”. I wasn’t even drawn into the story at all. Why are the packs so expensive and why are the gems so expensive? You literally have a 400 percent increase from the epic pack to the legendary pack. That is outrageous people. And to buy gems none the less the packs is ridiculous too. Why make it impossible to level up anything without having to spend money? Make the highest gem pack like 10 bucks and that’d be fine. But for a hundred dollars for literally 3 chances on a legendary, because let’s face it. The only reason we buy the gem packs is to get chances at the legendary packs. If I payed $100 I better have as many chances on that s*** as I’d like. All you want though is money. All you care about. The amount of money spent to gem ratio is ridiculous, the amount of gem to pack ratio is ridiculous. I recommend people who are playing this to just stop playing. The game gets impossible to do anything the further you progress. To the point in which it’s like saying in order to do this mission you need to have the best gear and In order to do that you gotta buy like 20 legendary packs, at 2000 gems when gems cost a $100 for 3 chances at it. Ridiculous. But I bet like any other developer they are just gonna stick a middle finger in my face and carry on with their lives.

Why it’s bad

The game only allows you to level up on story quests and you only get the stuff you need to defeat an impossible level by beating the impossible level


Good game just a bit too slow.


Invisible people puh lease not real and impossible unfair matches yes! Me 100 power against 250? Make the game better it’s so trash

Worth While

Pretty good game, in my opinion Shadow Fight 2 is a more interesting game, in story and gameplay aspects. This game has times when you’ll be on the ground for the entire game and you won’t be able to get a single hit in. Also, if you have played the previous game then you know the characters are all just silhouettes, in this game they are not. Some people may like this better but I don’t. The graphics are pretty good for a phone game, and the weapon/armor variety is decent. I have one request for game developers. PLEASE ADD SILHOUETTE MODE AS AN OPTION IN SETTING. Thank you and that’s all.



Useless chests and shadow energy

The chests in this game are helpful at the start yes, but further into the campaign the chests become useless, and shadow points, don’t even get me started! You never have enough to upgrade your gear to even have a chance of fighting the bosses, and if you do you got lucky with your buys of card packs! I’m the second area of the campaign I got to Ido and couldn’t get past them. My gear was terrible, and I didn’t have nearly enough skill to beat him on impossible difficulty! I’ve beaten bosses on insane difficulty before but impossible is just well, impossible! And I can’t even use chests anymore unless they are epics or legendaries because any other card from any other chest is useless.

Ruined Potential

Gameplay is addicting and the graphics are beautiful. Mechanics could be refined as they feel clunky. The real tragedy is how disproportionately difficult the developers made the progression if you try to play the game without spending real money. It just pathetic when your encouraged to "visit the store and buy some card packs" if you try to do a story mission that's rated "insane" or "impossible" in difficulty. I'd feel a little better if there weren't any adds or the "gems" part of the game economy (with an entire area of the game menu devoted to "earning gems" by participating in more advertising BS. It's just sad. I really wanted to enjoy the game. But there's so little game to enjoy if you don't pay up (and pay up ALOT) just to access a lottery-style level progression system that would make the devs at EA weep. I really wanted to like this game.

Some challenges can be almost to challenging

I generally like the game. However one side mission allows the opponent to have fast regeneration the entire time. Basically, when you get knocked over they basically fully heal making it impossible to win.


It’s awesome

Needs a little improvement

Game is generally good cool and adventurous and kinda “make your choices” It’s good to make our own character And pick favorite stuffs But only problem is it’s hard to gain shadow energy in high dans”5-6-7”and makes it difficult “kinda impossible” to upgrade our special stuffs. If only you could add some ability to the game to players be able to receive a few shadow energy “maybe 1-2-3” after every victory in duels, it would be much better. I promise it won’t make you bankrupt lol. And where’s “Lion’s gaze”? I can’t find it in legion’s legendary items...

Very hard to level up and very time consuming

This was a fun series’s I loved shadow fight 2 but 3 has taken a change for the worst I mean it is just impossible to level up without using real money I mean it took weeks i say weeks just to get to level 4 the story fight just impossible and forces you to fight online just to get crappy items in chest that hours to open this never happened in sf2 and i am upset need to bring out shadow fight 4 make ot nothing like sf3 and make it just like sf2

I can't fight

When I am fighting, sometimes I can't even fight at all when the other attacker is hitting me

Fun, Annoying, Game chooses when you win

This game is fun, I have to admit. Good graphics and responsive controls. But the robots litterly get a combo 37373 without a cinch. Guys, don't get tricked by the duels and think it's multiplayer. Don't feel bad, I fell for it for a few days too. But you can see when you pause the game, the bots pause with you. The "Multiplayer" is a bunch of rubbish. This is a Pay to Win game, Shadow Fight 2 is way better than this, so stick to that game. You can litterly crack your phone in rage in this game guys. Shadow Fight 3 is better off shutdown

Good but not good

I'm sure you've been in countless situations in a battle where you are about defeat somebody at low hp and so are you. It goes into that slow motion mode where one is about to win and you move slower than the other person . Therefore you just lost a match because the game developers won't fix this.

Potential Wasted

This game has great graphics. In a lot of places this game has a decent story and interesting challenges. But in the two areas that I feel are the worst are somehow able to ruin the gameplay almost entirely. 1. Power progression- it’s ridiculously slow. By the fourth mission in the first chapter you either have to pay money, wait a really long time, or play it ALOT and hope that sheer repetition will make you lucky if you wanna win. Not all that impressed and almost ruined the game for me right there. 2. The grappling mechanic is poorly thought out. A button would be so much more useful then some awkward two thumb combination that is near impossible. And grappling is a pretty important part of the game. Overall, the game has lots of potential. But these two things really ruined it for me. If they fix that. Great!

It’s Alright

The gameplay is kind of meh, and the story is not very good and not well put together... It’s a little fun, but I think I’m just going to stick to the great Shadow Fight 2

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