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I’ve played and love all 3 versions but the multiplayer system needs to be addressed .its extremely difficult to level up when you has over 100 or 200 total points on you and you have to fight them just because it’s they have the same or close to the same amount of trophies

Such an awesome game

I’ve played shadow fight two a lot and have been waiting for this game for a while. The menu music is very good, the graphics are awesome, and the fighting is even better. Love the game so much keep up the great work.

What is wrong with you

I love your game but recently I bought the most recent pack for 4.99 and received everything I wanted but the weapon is 10x weaker than my current weapon. Guys please fix this I shouldn’t have to spend money on something and receive something useless in return.

Shadow fight 3

Lovely game but crashes a lot on iPad Air 1 iOS 10.1

Fun to play but a money grab

Progress is painfully slow unless you continually purchase upgrades. Your skills do not correlate with your rate of progression and in a fighting game that is extremely frustrating; It's fun though.

What a fun time until you get past sarge

This game was fantastic, i loved it! The fighting system is wonderful, however it is unprecedented that you are severely prohibited by your gear. The first part of chapter 1 is a breeze, kicking Gizmo where it hurts is satisfying, but after him everything goes downhill. The game slows down to a halt where you are locked into constantly having to get more and upgrade your gear which you keep getting subpar. Now you are forced into side questing, which is successful for a while until the campaign difficulty catches up to side quests. Now you are forced to go into the arena and wait for hours to open that epic crate (which will hold pretty crappy stuff) and because cash and card packs are in low supply especially because you wasted your gems on those packs because you are desperate. And now you are stuck, waiting forever for you to get good stuff and for the difficulty to go down from insane to normal (because Hard is even still really ridiculous) or you can waste all your money on some gems to open your stuff up (which you will most likely be dissapointed) OH AND THE BEST PART! If you fight anyone in a duel with herald gear you are so screwed, because not only are the heralds faster, but stronger and dont sacrifice much defense! And it gets worse if you are fighting anybody with a thrusting weapon! All they have to do is just tap attack once the entire time, you wont get anywhere close to them and they can keep cheesing you. Nekki also has a habit of linking Gear Score-> AI difficulty which doesnt make sense. The AI should act the same regardless, so if a AI is a god tier herald cheeseball on insane, he shouldnt be a klutz, getting critted on every 5 seconds and getting shook. The point is Nekki, you need to make a AI campaign difficulty setting with this game or make the AI a equal to you, like have your enemy have the same gear score, same shadow energy score as your highest combination (that you can access) so you dont have to be stuck fighting that iron beak piece of crap (Seriously Nekki balance your game and its combat system, gear system, and its AI difficulty regulation because it really doesnt work with this crap)

Still crashing

So i updated the game and is still crashing. It crashed the whole week. I’ve spent some money on it and its very upsetting that I’ll have to watch ads. I expect a refund. Also the matchmaking it’s ridiculous right now.

Flat-out awesome

It’s a really good game so far

It became very boring

It became very boring👎🏻


Es un juego de pelea muy bueno, la única recomendación que le daría es poderlo jugar sin conexión a internet

Won’t load

This game was fun up to the point we’re you have to fight Wong or whatever his name is. I already tried to uninstall the game and reinstall but both times it gets stuck on the loading screen. I try refreshing it and waiting it out but nothing seems to work. I’ve looked how to fix it but nothing works. I wish this game fixed this. If you do I would give a five star.

They all was block you hit

Hi hate it

Great game but the sound doesn’t work

My little nephew showed me this game and I love it but the sound doesn’t work even though I went to settings and everything looks fine with the sound and my volume is all the way up.

It’s a great game

This game is absolutely stunning but there are some bugs when I’m playing. I’m on IOS 12GM and I have an iPhone se. usually the game freezes when I’m playing and it’s super annoying. Plz fix these bugs.


The duals need fixing big time. I go against people way stronger to where I don’t have a fighting chance.

What’s funny is..

This game is so realistic, I can’t even play it. Other than that, the game was fun until it started lagging due to amazing graphics...

The game keeps freezing while I’m going through the tutorial

Please fix this

Game unfair

I had the herald fooking Ninja citizen with claws at 1 hp or 1 bar he uses shadow ability’s heals up and kills me FIX YOUR AI DAMAGE AND ABiLITY shadow fight 2 was more balanced and f3p wasn’t even a thing you developers got greedy and messed up the shadow fight series great job screwing yourself

Holy Pay Gap

Great game besides having to basically pay to progress in any way


This game wants you to spend money no one wants to spend 5 days for chests that’s just going to give you duplicate items I’m maxed out on how far i can go but on the first map I can’t even get close to killing the executioner. It said it’s “hard” but after you beat him the first time he kills you in 2 seconds flat his one ability that has no chance to miss dose half your health don’t play this game just unfair. Also you can’t beat any bosses unless it says it’s normal difficulty

Complete rip off..


My Only Concern

This game is Phenomenal! Yet the new update threw me off. The duets are usually fair and now the ranking system is packed with overpowering opponents. It’s gone from a good fight to a 3 hit win. My rank being 3370 to fighting someone with 3805 ranking is a huge difference. Please fix this.

Best yet

Ur internet doesn’t even need to be good it’s amazing, I’m surprised this is even on mobile it’s to good! I hope this game will continue to surprise me with updates and I hope they add magic or some elemental magic to gain an upper hand in combat! ( Add magic like ice you can use but you half to spin for ur element and it’s rare to even get an element that would be cool! ) And for you guys that will hate, let a kid be a kid come on!

Pretty good

I like the game but it can get a little laggy from time to time over all I like shadow fight 2 more👍


Nice game. Duels not balances very well. Maybe it’s fixed in next update?

Pretty good

The game is awesome and all but please go back to the original Ai


When I play the game, the game stops

Sf3 is broken

This is HOSS from sf2. This game is broken the bots just block every hit and counter if was just hard I would continue but it’s a computer that times you and counters you no fun there. It’s crap don’t waste time or money on it

Please fix BALANCING

In short, I like this game. But in some areas, I feel that everything is against me. But I need to get one thing off my chest, if I need an internet connection to do duels, then why don’t I battle real people? I don’t think many people know this but all the people you fight in the game is just bots. Bots in story mode, quest mode, and even Duels. I wonder why we need a connection if we aren’t even fighting real people. But I digress, my main point is the balancing issues. As of the new update supposedly “balancing” the weapons and Duels system, I find that Nekki did an arbitrary job AT BEST. People have longed to only see people who are around the same stars as them in Duels, and this update does that, well to a point. I’ve recently seen only people around my stats, so I figure “Hey they did fix it.” But when I enter the battle, no matter how well I do, the A.I seems to have moves that DEAL HALF OF MY HEALTH. So much for “balance” since when I play I usually get them to half or less health and then all of a sudden they use a single kick and I’m already dead. And why is grabbing so much of a bore to do? I attempt a grab but I end up using my weapon, meanwhile the A.I seems to be able to grab you while you are doing your getup animation. I do one combo, then it just grabs me 15 times and kicks me until I’m dead. Nekki, why can you never balance things right?

Game Mechanics

THE ANIMATIONS DURING THE FIGHT TAKE TOO FREAKING LONG, it kills me every time, being back the shadow fight 2 mechanics, they were so much better!!!

Fun but broken

6 words: controls don’t work well, fix it

Love it

One of the best games I played ever. Hope you continue to make this game better 👍🏽




When you match make the power levels are unfair

Pretty good

Moving along just fine without spending a dime. Skill can get you far

Don’t even

I have never had a worse time playing a game

Gigantic improvement

I like how you acknowledged the shadow in shadow fight and I can’t wait to see what do in the future

Download Stuck

When i try to download this game i don’t know why its stuck?


If I get one more unfair fight I’m deleting the game

Last update is the worst!

Last update made the game work bad

The glaive bots need a nerf

They dodge 9/10 attacks

Че за нахуй

После обновления виснет пиздец

Money sucker

Another game that you have to pay in order to win...👎👎

Good game

Shadow fight 2 is better.

Graffics amazing

I like this game a lot because I feel it has a lot of potential and I like the fighting style

I would give 5 stars

But it needs a new battle mode where you can do real time battles called find battle

Network Connection is Bad

This would be five star, but the app is only connected to the server half of the time. Please fix?

You are good at this good :)

Hi I’m Jose a play who var good :)


The game lags so much on my phone. It wasn't until recently that this started to happen. Please fix

Recent update killed motivation

I used to give this game 5 stars. With the newest update, my motivation has been killed for multiplayer. You used to be matched against players with a similar multiplayer score. This has been changed, so now you are matched v a player with same score, and similar equipment power ratings. This imo has killed motivations for gaining any upgrades. The moment you upgrade anything, so have you’re opponents. I’m not at all opposed to a challenge, but it was fun to climb the ranks fairly easy based on what you had earned, before hitting the challenging better balanced matches at the top. Now it does t matter if your just starting at the bottom, or are at the very top, the matches all are equally difficult. This renders any equipment upgrades obsolete to me. This game has amazing graphics and good skill based play, but when your upgrades no longer count for anything but the campaign, it has gotten less fun for me.

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