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Pay To Win

Fix ur game dudes. The AI just spams you in a CORNER while ur on the floor like I can never move. The other thing is that you have to pay to win meaning u need to pay for better equipment. Ur games also unbalanced because every quest I go on it’s always on insane.

No to pay to win!

It’s a cool game decent game play with very little bugs or exploits. But after about 3 to 4 hours in you hit a level wall we’re you can’t really do much unless you drop 40-50 dollars to advance which for a mobile game is unacceptable. If it was console It’d be different but for a mobile game it’s disappointing. I don’t recommend it to anyone who looking for a game to play for a long time, as it gets boring when your not willing to spend money

Great game, but...

On general, I love the game, BUT for some reason when I launch it it won’t let me in the game, I mean when I tap the game icon all it does is stop at the loading screen every time. I couldn’t even try to get the new set because I couldn’t even get to the main menu. If this feature was removed I would give it a five star rating, but I’m sad I couldn’t get the set.

Best game ever

No words to describe how good it is.

Expensive, but one of the best

The new update is awesome! I’ve always been a fan of fighting games since childhood and this is the best mobile fighter I’ve ever played. Also I’ve never spent so much time with any game on the phone before. I hope you can continue updating this game forever.


This game was great but now it has a lot of errors..



Loading issues

Won’t even load completely on my iPad Pro. I’ve only made it partially through training and now the rest won’t load🤔

Very good, multiplayer needs fixed

This is the first shadow fight game I have played. I watched some other gameplay of the first two and it looked very good. I began the game, got to the second league, and was doing pretty good against most of the players. Once you get past the 500 trophy mark, however, things get difficult. I had a power level of 336 at the time of writing and I keep facing people that are upwards of 500 with ranged weapons that deal quarter-health damage and head hits that completely knock me out (not before I do a good quarter damage to them first). The other problem I have is the story mode. I think that it should go way faster, so maybe make the cards easier to upgrade? I’m almost at the third league, but haven’t even finished chapter 1 yet. I feel like it should be focused more on story at the beginning and then later ease into multiplayer. If you could get chapter 2 before league three and fix the multiplayer matchmaking issues I will consider re-rating this game that has so much potential, but is practically impossible.

Fun to a point

I agree with all the others who love and hate this game. There is a definite ceiling you hit right before getting 1600 in the duels. Every time you get close, the game starts matching you against player hundreds of points ahead of you. This means they move faster, hit harder and take less damage from your attacks. Impossible to beat. So you drop down in points. This happens 3-4 times in a row until you are close to 1500 then you get decent matchups again. Other than that frustration, fun mechanics, cool weapons and enough of a challenge to keep you playing until the above happens.

This Game is Trash!

I bought an in app purchase and got nothing! This game just wants to steal your money! Don’t buy any in app purchases, they don’t even register! I want my money back!


simply awesome

Online Opponents Algorithm

How do you pair opponents? Most of the time I'm either fighting against someone way stronger or way weaker than me. Also the combos are inconsistent and unpredictable. Otherwise i enjoy the game!

Fun game, but.....

This is a very fun game. A good way to pass the time. The campaign and side missions are awesome, and the graphics are nice. But there are two things within the game that makes this three stars instead of five. Duels. The game gives you the general idea that when you participate in duels, you are fighting a real player, when you are just fighting a bot. (You can even pause the game during a duel!) Also, whenever you level up or reach a new chapter, you receive extreme buffs- meaning that all opponents in game are almost always too easy or too hard. Another con about the game is that sometimes it randomly requires a WiFi connection between certain loading screens, and when you start the game. Instead of making some parts of the game disabled, (online stuff like special events and duels) you have to have WiFi to play. I still play and enjoy the game, but the problems listed above never stop annoying me.

I hate this game

I hate this game


this game was fun for 20 minutes. then it turned into trash as soon as i found out the ONLY way to progress through the game was to put a lot of actual money into it. it’s not even worth the download. strongly recommend that you give this game a pass until they fix this. and whoever thought it was a good idea to make Itu be able to regenerate infinitely should be fired. i have a score of 1040 and i can’t even beat him once because every time i get close he just gets all his health back.

Is it just me, or...?

Firstly, this is a step up from the last one. No energy requirements, no penalties for needing to try again, and the ability to mix and match move sets. However, I have major gripes. The A.I. feels so much more aggressive than the last game. Whenever I get into a fight, I have to start stunlocking the enemy, and keep completely and perfect dominance in the fight, or else everything hits the fan. As soon as your opponent gets a second to breath, they will either do one of two things. A) stunlock you and somehow be faster than you in almost everything you try, or B) Throw you to the ground, repeatedly. This second one is so annoying, especially since it feels harder to pull off in this game as opposed to the last, and the a.i can do it because they don’t have button combos to press, they just do whatever they want with ease. The card system is ok, and at least you aren’t railroaded into using a specific weapons at certain points like the last game, but the a.i’s difficultly and the random and convenient criticals the enemy lands are too much to handle at certain points. Granted, I usually fight in battles sooner with harder difficulty, but that has no effect on aggression of the a.i, only gear rating. Developers, help?

Open game problem

Hello dear in two week for new update i cant open the game after open this game in loading file stopped fir why ?

Bring on the update

It’s a fun game but need expansion. It will frustrate the hell out of you but if you are persistent you can beat it and reach the highest dan.


All around good game amazing, graphics, play styles.

Love the game ! I’m addicted but it gets one star for now

This game is amazing it’s awesome but let’s be real the impossible level is WAY TOO HARD! Plus I get hit from the person when I’m trying to get back up to fight them it’s unfair and can u please make a shadow fight 4 with all new stuff that no one has seen before it would be awesome to playing another shadow fight game that way when I’m board I can play that one and I wrote another review and u haven’t answer me please answer thanks . Love the game


This game pisses me off. Don’t buy it. You can’t win unless you keep paying money. Insulting and obnoxious. Doesn’t matter how much you practice or how good you get or how much you play. If you don’t keep bodying upgrades you can’t win or continue to enjoy the game. The developers should be ashamed of the direction gaming has taken due to this business strategy.

Pro gamer opinion

Great game nice animation seems like a good story

Impossible to upgrade without spending your own money

the game is free but forces you to buy in app purchases in order to level up by making it so you can’t beat your opponents in quests

F#@king Grabs

Please just stop the grabs.......please.

This a great game but not made by the original company

As you should know shadow fight 3 is a sequel to shadow fight 2 but there is one thing shadow fight two the original makers of the shadow fight series made it I’m scared that they may try to sue this company for stealing there idea



Don’t take out old weapons and put new ones

The game is awesome, amazing, fantastic etc, I love everything accept the fact that as you move on to new chapters some of the weapons you wish you had but never got them get remove by new ones, like is there any possible way to put those weapons back and instead of removing adding those new weapons into the booster pack? To keep the old ones and put some new one into the booster packs, and also more epic and legendary chest on the seasons

Cool concept but they snake you

Cool concept but they snake you. By the time you get into story line 2 it is impossible for you to beat the boss because he literally heals himself and kills you in 2 combos. That game actually makes you purchase gems to open packs and get new things. It’s a scam but a cool game

Soooooooooo awesome love you guys

Love you guys

Great game but....

This is a great game but there’s one big flaw with the PvP matching if I’m character level (or whatever it’s called) 1200 why would the game match me with an opponent who’s level is 2000? This doesn’t make sense 1 star for now. Also the rewards if you defeat someone stronger than you are not as good as they should be, one more thing this game is pay-per-win I’ve already experienced it a lot so please fix this until then you only get 1 star from me

Nice game

I really enjoy playing this game. Is smooth and you can upgrade your character really fast.

Great game

I would recommend this game to others. My only note is that maybe in the next update the AI doesn’t know your every move. It’s hard to advance in rank because as soon as I’m pressing the buttons to do an attack the opponent can counter act my move almost the grabs. Also there’s a character on the season duel whose name is the “N” word.......not appropriate for a kid that’s 12 yrs of age. The game itself is great tho.


I can not level up since they give me many more advanced opponents and they take away from me the little I've done! But I eliminate it and I do bad publicity since it is compulsory to buy!


Matchmaking is just terrible in this game. I got matched up with players with more power level then me. For example I’m a 1200 power level and i got matched up four times with people with 1700-1800 power level and i had to surrender and lose -100 dueling points. Without a doubt i had nothing to match up to them and get two shotted by grabs or weapon abilities. It’s RNG that’s not on my side and giving me crap that i don’t want to deal with. I hope this gets fixed in the future for low level players. And i also hope that this doesn’t have an impact on future pvp.


Since my friend told me he loved it tried at first I thought it was boring but know I love to challenge myself in this game and I am now addicted😇

Fix this game!!!

The game is very fun, but when I’m in 1v1 and the other player can do 500 more damage than me that’s bs.

This is awesome

This game is super fun hope more come from you guys

полный дисбаланс

ЭТо полный капец. Если поначалу всею было более менее, после достижения силы в 1к силы - наступил полный дисбаланс. 4 боя подряд противники от 1800 до 3000!!! Это полный аут! Я стираю нафиг такую игру! Тут независимо от мастерства исход заранее понятен.

Good game with problems

This game is very fun, but it has a few big flaws... 1. It pairs you up against people with the same trophies, not power. So you may be power 900 but go up against a power 1600 if they have the same trophies and I've seen that problem so I have no chance of victory. 2. Leveling up is very difficult. I know that you do the main quest for XP, but the next level is always IMPOSSIBLE difficulty, so I have to grind. And I would be okay with grinding, but this grinding factor in this game is just unfair having to wait 3 hours for some crappy loot. And you only get chests for victories and (in problem one) is hard to get.

Amazing for a while

It was good for a couple of months and then got a little boring

Horrible game

This is the worst game ever it’s stupid I give it 0

Güzel oyun

Fakat enerji çok saçma


I like my action game

I’ve spent $150 for nothing

The game has been awesome to have you be the whole story. I spent probably over or close to $150 bucks trying to level up and I am at the ceiling. The suspense and playing the game was great while it lasted but I would definitely think about purchasing the Gems. This game is just like all of the games now, they make the CPU players beat you till you spend money. Not having the ability to back out of public matches that you know you cannot win is ridiculous.

Grind but can be fixed

I think this game is tons of fun I play it every day Althea fighting and loot earning is addicting. BUT most the time you get common and lame loot and you get so much of it it becomes stronger than a legendary item after awhile a way this should be fixed is allowing you to break down any item into the shadow energy so you can upgrade the equipment you desire

Love the update pleas more chapters

This game is really challenging and fun. I used to think It was unfair how it’s hard to get good items, but now the update made it much easier. I love this game.pleas more chapters, I love how the bosses have awesome power which challenges you and make you think. It’s really fun and awesome. Thanks for the great game. Keep up the work.😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄😄


The creators of shadow fight make u fight people with a power of 5980 when you’re only 5068. I think they should rlly change the way they decide how which player fights which player in duels. Otherwise it’s rlly unfair.

Ok, but very tough

I understand the it is part of the challenge but for Pete’s sake I can’t get past level 5 because my gear won’t kill him, all the gear I use is above 600 and he rekts me. Yet when I equip my crap legion gear that is under 300 I almost killed him, and one other thing whenever I fight in a duel I always seem to get and person with a gear rating 400 to 1000 higher than mine, then I die with like 3 hits make an option for the game filter people to your gear level, and if you want a challenge then switch it off. otherwise it is a great game

Getting trophies is impossible

So i was trying to get to 1000 trophies because i was at 800 but every game i fought in they would get stronger and stronger till i got all the way down to 700 trophies then they got easy and finally once i got back to 800 they got stronger till i got to 700 again

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